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          Program Overview:

          The Oshkosh Corporation Rotational Engineer Program gives participants the unique opportunity to gain cross-functional knowledge through a series of challenging, short-term assignments during their first two years of employment.  These assignments allow participants to experience several different functional departments within the company’s Oshkosh, WI campus. The knowledge that participants acquire enables them to make better decisions throughout their careers based on a deeper understanding of the needs of their internal and external customers.  Rotational Engineers also gain an enhanced understanding of how their skills and interests align with the needs of the company.

          Advantages to Participants:

          • Broad understanding of operations throughout Oshkosh Corporation
          • Cross-functional experience
          • Accelerated understanding of connections between different functional groups
          • Networking opportunities across the company
          • Introduction to multiple managers and management styles

          Program Structure:

          The Rotational Engineer Program offers participants the opportunity to rotate through six four-month rotations in a flexible program path.  The program structure is designed to help participants build on essential skills in product development, analysis, and manufacturing, while allowing for a tailored path based on the current needs of the company and the interests of the engineer.

          Participants are required to complete rotational assignments in two separate design engineering groups, test and development, and manufacturing support / sustainment engineering. Each engineer will also complete two elective rotations in functional areas that will enhance their professional development.  The specific rotation path for each engineer will be determined with the guidance of a mentor from the Oshkosh engineering leadership community.

          Previous rotation engineers have completed rotations in the following functions:

          • Platform and System Design Engineering
          • Test and Development
          • Manufacturing Support / Sustainment Engineering
          • Supplier Quality Engineering
          • Aftermarket Support Engineering
          • Defense Strategy and Planning / Marketing
          • Cost Reduction Engineering
          • Industrial Engineering
          • Manufacturing Engineering


          Candidates should be recent graduates who have demonstrated technical expertise, leadership qualities, effective communication and a proactive approach to their own personal development.  Previous internship or co-op experience with Oshkosh Corporation is preferred. 

          Testimonials from recent participants:

          "The rotational engineering program at Oshkosh was an excellent introduction to Oshkosh Corporation and real-world engineering in general.  Spending time in several different functional areas provided me with a clearer picture of how Oshkosh, as a corporation, works.  I now understand how many of the different departments and functional roles within the corporation are related.  This understanding allows me to make decisions based on the overall good of the company, not just for the good of my own department.  The rotational program also allowed me to experience different career types I could turn my skills and knowledge into (i.e. manufacturing engineering, quality engineering, design engineering, etc.).”

          "To put it simply, participating in the rotational engineering program at Oshkosh Corporation was an eye opening experience.  It broadened my perceived definition of what engineering was, and exposed me to people, challenges, and even a few travel opportunities that I wouldn't have seen otherwise.  Understanding the way different departments function, such as Test & Development and Supplier Quality Engineering, makes me a resource to my peers as we interface with those departments.  The experience I gained not only helps me daily in my current position, but it also showed me that there are multiple engineering career paths available within the company -  each with its own challenges and rewards."