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          ProPulse® Command Zone™
          Side-Roll Protection™ Remote Diagnostics
          TAK-4® Unmanned Ground Vehicle Technology

          Oshkosh leads the way in specialty truck and truck body innovation. Since we opened our doors in 1917, we have continuously developed new products and technologies that make our customers’ jobs easier, safer and more productive.

          Our team of engineers continually brings remarkable technologies to the heavy truck industry. From the TAK-4® intelligent independent suspension system, which gives trucks 20 inches of wheel travel to easily traverse the most unforgiving terrains, to the unparalleled efficiency and sustainability provided by ProPulse® hybrid electric drive, our revolutions have far-reaching effects.  Successful innovation across our business segments is simply part of the Oshkosh business model.   It gives us powerful performance advantages across the markets in which this company competes.

          Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) Technology
          Oshkosh's TerraMax™ Unmanned Ground Vehicle Technology (UGV) uses autonomous navigation to get the job done without putting anyone in harm's way.
          Explore our ground-breaking work in hybrid electric drive technology.
          Side-Roll Protection™
          Learn all about how we help keep firefighters out of harm’s way.