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          Program Overview
          Oshkosh Corporation is a global company. We operate in many countries and interact with cultures where laws and principles of business vary. While we celebrate cultural diversity and recognize that laws may differ, our ethical standards do not change. Oshkosh Corporation has followed an ethical course through its long and successful history, and all of us help steer true to that course. We promote a culture to “Do the Right Thing??The Oshkosh Way.

          Mission Statement
          The mission of the Global Ethics & Compliance Program is to create a framework of compliance controls and trained personnel throughout Oshkosh Corporation to facilitate a culture committed to conducting business with integrity, in accordance with the highest ethical standards and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

          Ethical Leadership
          Oshkosh Corporation is committed to conducting business the right way, The Oshkosh Way, to delight our customers. Every level of the organization takes part in fostering an ethical culture. The Audit Committee, part of the Company's Board of Directors, oversees the Global Ethics & Compliance program with regular briefings and updates. The Board receives five interim reports each year. Additionally, there are eight Audit Committee meetings. The frequent updates for the Audit Committee ensure the program continues to operate effectively.

          Our mission is guided by Oshkosh Corporation's Core Values: Honesty, Accountability, Integrity, Respect, and Citizenship. The guidelines, laws, regulations, policies and procedures that govern our conduct as employees and contractors of Oshkosh Corporation are embodied in our Corporate Code of Ethics & Standards of Conduct - The Oshkosh Way.

          Program Elements
          The program exists to protect our Company’s Assets, Brand, Reputation, Employees, Shareholders, Customers, and Dealers. The Global Ethics & Compliance department is responsible for the 10 core elements the program consists of.

          **Click on the chart's elements for further information**

          Assets Brand Reputation Employees Shareholders Customers Dealers Code of Conduct Risk Assessment Policy Management Training Hotline Investigation Reward/Discipline Communication Monitor Audit

          Please contact Kevin Tubbs, Vice President Chief Officer, Ethics and Compliance for more information.